Monday, September 21, 2009

ROTHBURY pt.6 - Art at Rothbury

Rothbury is a multi-purpose space - and music is not the only art to be found. The Sherwood Forest is obviously a hot spot for visual art, but there were many other examples of art on display at the festival. Here's a look at some of the pieces that we checked out:
Sculptures like this bird were made of found scrap metal.
Hi Nessie! This sea-monster is made of tires and has a beautiful head sculpted of wood.
Arranged nature - mandalas out of needles, grasses and other scavenged objects.
This deity is surrounded by a heart-shaped mandala made of bottle caps.
Gong therapy, anyone? This healing art was both visually and sonically attractive.
Love the forks on these mama and baby low-riders.
There was a tree-decorating contest that yielded these interesting entries: A real transformer...
And some great cartoon-art.
Sherwood forest decorations are just as beautiful by day.
Getting the big boot has a whole new meaning at the Sherwood stage.
There were artists on site creating a variety of works over the course of the festival, including painters onstage whose canvasses were inspired by the bands.
Incredible environments were erected in unexpected places.
The Rothbury bus was half buried and lit up at night with a rotating mirror ball on the inside.
Well, that's just a glimpse of the Rothbury environment. It's a veritable wonderland that makes concert-going a whole experience.
Stay tuned for coverage of Saturday's musical highlights!

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