Thursday, September 3, 2009

ROTHBURY pt.4 - Getting ready for the Cheese

At Rothbury, the name of the game is PARTICIPATION. Everyone contributes to the festival's verve and pizazz. Costumes are the norm. Not the kind of fest to just come and watch. There's lots to do... interactive art and education stations, green initiatives... a modern-day carnival. Here are some pics of amazing people-art that make Rothbury such a colourful place.
As you can see, hula hooping has become the new spinning... a super-subculture of, but not limited to the Friends of Cheesus.
The hoopers that we saw were usually decked out in style...

A beautiful view... the crowd gathering on the way to the Odeum stage for the big show of the night - String Cheese!
And here they come... freaks all.
Note the banana-man - he wore his costume all weekend and was very recognizable. And hot. Deep fried banana blackout.
Even saucy mamas can hula.
Hoops and jingles.
Fuzzy legs.
And giant bees.
Love the full head gear... Rothzilla
This octopus would make its appearance later sailing the seas of cheese.
These costumes have got to be hot... The count and oscar getting stoked for the incident.
Sound like fun? Just wait 'til the show...

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