Thursday, August 13, 2009


Greetings intrepid travellers -

This is your captain speaking:
In the next series of posts I will take you on a journey through the massive experience that is ROTHBURY. Through photographs and descriptions, I will attempt to persuade you of the power of this new transitive nation, a portal that opens once a year to let the psychedelic carnival through.

This festival is unlike any other I have experienced. It was our first visit and we were completely transformed, utterly convinced and totally devoted by and to the cause. While this fest falls only a little short of paradise, there's enough magic to make you believe. Walking through the Sherwood Forest, shakin' it at the ginormous Odeum stage, or taking shade and a delicious meal at the Ranch, this fest has something for everyone. And the music is just unreal.

So follow me as I take you on a stroll, bop and sway through one of the most exciting intentional communities created for music lovers like me...

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