Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MSG and Nassau - Spring Tour '09

This is part 2 of the Spring Tour posting, featuring pics from Nassau and MSG. Let's begin with some of Candace's lighting, the great stealie-wheel.

You can listen to an audience recording of Nassau from the live music archive:

Set I
01. Jam > Jack Straw
02. Brown Eyed Women
03. Baby Blue
04. Easy Wind
05. Death Don't Have No Mercy
06. Don't Ease Me In
07. Lost sailor
08. Saint Of Circumstance

Set II
03.Looks Like Rain
04.Alabama Getaway
05.Jam > DaRK sTAR > Jam
06.Drums > Space
07.Knockin On Heavens Door
08.Goin Down The Road

09.E: Touch Of Grey

Nassau had a special treat: a 3-song acoustic set to start off set 2: Masterpiece was fitting because of the line about the coliseum (and also the name of this blog!), Peggy-O and Looks Like Rain. You can see here that the drummers came down front to play small kits and hand drums, while Phil has a hollow-body acoustic bass. Sounded great.
Fast-forward to MSG - a special night to be sure. Here's a shot of the band in profile. Have a listen to the soundboard of MSG off dead.net:
Set I
Cosmic Charlie
China Cat
Shakedown Street
Ship of Fools
He's Gone
Set II
Crypitical Envelopment
The Other One
Born Cross Eyed
St Stephen
The Eleven
Uncle John's Band
Unbroken Chain
Gimme Shelter
One More Saturday Night
Donor Rap
E: Brokedown Palace
There was some struggle in the first set and some missing key licks, in China Cat, for instance. But things picked up and we could really feel the mind-meld in the band once they hit the psychedelic bus-ride of the second set. Challenging music, well performed.
Phil was just glowing by the end. A special thank you to the venue and the crowd, he said there's nowhere like the Garden... and he was right. What a treat to get to boogie down with every single person in that room. I felt the bounce... now I understand.
Let's hope these guys gained as much satisfaction from this tour for all the hard work they put into it. 155 songs is a lot to prepare for a tour, especially when most songs were repeated only once or twice. Bobby says it best here with his sign...
Thank you for a REAL GOOD TIME!

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